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Social Studies



Reading Design a children’s book with at least 10 antonyms and synonyms. Include an antonym and synonym on each page and include illustrations to support the text. Upload a video of you reading your book to Seesaw.

Reading Create a comic that retells the major event of your favorite book. Create a video reading your comic and upload to Seesaw.

Math: Three Facts and a Fib - On a sheet of paper write/type 3 factual statements and 1 false statement about multiplication. On the next page, write an explanation for why the fib is false. Get a friend or family member to try to figure out which one is the fib!

Math: How do you find perimeter of regular and Irregular shapes? Make a chart or poster for your classroom (or home study space) to help you remember. Include examples.

Social Studies: Use a graphic organizer to compare and contrast your own traditions to that of another culture. Video yourself explaining the similarities and differences and upload to Seesaw.

Social Studies: Make a video documentary that details the different celebrations of your culture. Discuss their personal meaning to you. Upload your video to Seesaw.

Science: Create a sorting activity for 3rd grade students about types of energy. The cards you create will have pictures/drawings of objects and will be sorted according to the types of energy they create: light, sound, thermal, and mechanical. Include an answer key and have someone play your game!

Social Emotional Learning: Good manners are a must! Using eye contact and a respectful tone impresses everyone. Using Seesaw, record a video of you modeling excellent manners when speaking to adults and meeting someone new.

Social Emotional Learning: Kids and adults experience disappointment sometimes. Think of someone you disappointed. What happened? Write an apology letter to someone you disappointed. Include what you will do the next time.