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Katherine has positively impacted my life both professionally and personally! I can never thank her enough for her selfless dedication as our manager! -Charly

Katherine is the BEST BOSS I've ever had! She is the reason the inpatient project has finally taken off and will continue to grow even though I pushed for it for years befor eshe was my manager. -Whitney

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to have you as my direct manager. Thank you for being there for me as I transitioned to my role as a CC. You were so thoughtful and always available to help me. Even when I made MISTAKES, you called them EXPERIENCES! I enjoyed talking about our kiddos during our 1:1's and getting to know you personally outside of work. You were a rock star manager and I am so excited for your next opportunity! -Laura

Katherine is the most incredible leader! She is kind, strong, open, vision-oriented, understanding, light hearted, yet passionate. I am SO grateful Katherine was my manager for my first 5 months at Lingraphica, and I am excited and confident in our future as a company with her being promoted. You go, Katherine!!! -Izzy

KB has truly been a rock for me over these past couple years, both professionally and personally. She always goes the extra mile to make others feel seen and heard. One of my favorite memories is beating her at an intense game of ping pong (jk she beat me) and letting our competitive spirits show at our offsites, especially during cornhole. -Jenn

Katherine has not only been my manager, but also my friend since the day I came onto Lingraphica. She has always made me feel seen and understood, and always encouraged me professionally and personally! I admire her passion for people: whether it be PWAs, CPs, other colleagues, or her team of CCs. I hope that one day I'll grow up to have leadership qualities like Katherine, as she has been such a role model for me and a solid part of why I have loved working at Lingraphica! I can't want to see what she does next, because without a doubt she will continue to do great things!-Myriam


Thank you,

Best Boss Ever