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May 1777

Second Continental Congress

Outcome of the Congress:

Remember the Ladies

Impact of the Role of Women & Republican Motherhood:

Mar 1776

Declaration of Independence

Significance of the Declaration of Independence:

July 4, 1776

Significance/Importance of Battle:


Lexington & Concord

Timeline: American Revolution


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The significance/importance of the Lexington and Concord battle was that it was the first battle of the American Revolution. Lexington- British were going to arrest Samuel Adams & John Hancock; 5 militia killed. Concord-British marched to Concord to destroy the weapons and ammunition the militia were storing there. 800 soldiers wounded and 200 killed. Lost still celebrated.

The outcome of the Congress was that they asked for peace and reconcilition however they were ignored. Many afraid to separate from England. George Washington was selected as leader of the army because of his experiences in fighting from the French and Indian War.

The impact of the Role of Women & Republican Motherhood was that Abigal Adams was an advocate for women's rights; wanted equal political participation. Boycotts,Daughters of liberty, and Enlightenment ideals- women sought expanded roles in society. Women were called to teach republican values within the family, and granted women a new importance in American political culture.

The significance of the Declaration of Independence was that it had listed complaints against King George III and that he was violating colonial rights. Thomas Jefferson was primary author of document, signing it. Natural rights being violated, and wanted a change to be independent.

Dec 1777

Valley Forge

Battle of Yorktown

Oct 1781


The impact of the crisis was that it was Thomas Paines message to the American people to support our troops. Soldiers in the Revolution had short enlistments(3-6) months and were not re-enlisting. As the war raged on, the colonists had struggled. Was inspirational to keep pushing along!

Oct 1777

Battle of Saratoga


Timeline: American Revolution

Treaty of Paris, 1783

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Impact of The Crisis:

"The Crisis"

Dec 1776

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Significance of the Battle of Saratoga:

Significance of Valley Forge:

Significance of the Battle of Yorktown:

Explain what America gains:

The siginificance of the Battle of Saratoga was that it was the turning point of the Revolution;Battle was a success of victory, France was persauded to join Patriot war efforts after this victory. Kept going to fight for American Independence.

The significance of Valley Forge was that General George Washington set troops out in December, since it was during the winter, solidiers were hungry,cold, and suffering. About 1/5 of soldiers died from disease and starvation. Washington recieved helped from Marquis de Lafayette to train troops for military skills.

The significance of the Battle of Yorktown was that it was the end of the battle. Had trapped Brit.Gen.Lord Cornwallis in the peninsular town of Yorktown. For weeks Washington, and the French forced the British to Surrender this battle, and give America its freedom.

America gains debt,independency, and boundaries extend west! British send back any slaves, and states get their property back.