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Stage 0: Prevention and recognition in all birthsStage 1: Blood loss 500-999ml with vaginal delivery or > 1000ml with cesarean delivery or > 15% vital sign change OR HR > 110, BP < 85/45 an 02 Sat < 95% Stage 2: Blood Loss of 1000 – 1500mL; continued VS instabilityStage 3: Blood Loss of > 1500mL or Greater than 2 units PRBCs given or VS instability or suspicion for DIC

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Please write your completion code in your folder: JADA

Review High Risk Obstetric Hemorrhage Policies on BEN.

Jada is used for uterine atony, accounting for approximately 70% of all PPH's. Please watch the informational Jada video by pressing play on the right-hand side of the interactive poster.

QBL is an important tool to use in recognition of PPH to be completed with every birth. Scales are located on the PPH carts and in the hallways on L & D. QBL is determined by subtracting dry weight of an item from the total weight; 1 g = 1 mL.

PPH Carts are located in the Labor & Delivery Med Room, Nursery and 2A Equipment Room.