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U.S Civil RIGHTS Hisory museum

Created by Jude Dutoit

Greensboro sit ins

I Have A Dream

civil rights legislation

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Greensboro sit ins


Greenboro sit ins was a silent protest that started out with only blacks protesting but ended will all race protesting

the protest was to take a stand about segregation and to make it so that all race can eat at the same table

the greensboro sit ins started on Feb 1, 1960 and ended July 25, 1960 the Greensboro sit ins only took 5 months 3 weeks and 3 days to create history and end segregated eating

it only took 4 students to start the greenboro sit ins

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this is a picture of the exact place the first Greensboro sit in began

Greensboro sit ins artifacts

this is what the greensboro sit ins looked like in place they were very peaceful sit ins but still got backlash and hate for standing up for them selfs

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Room 2!

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I Have A Dream Speach

From Dr Martin Luther King Jr

On Aug 3, 1963 Dr King gave a world changing speech about Civil and Economic rights and an end to raceism in the United States

The impact that kings speach had on the united states was extraordinary and infuliced the Federal Goverment to take more direct actions towards racial equality and helped pass the 1964 Civil Rights Act

Unfortinetly all good things must come to an end and on April 4, 1968 Dr martin Luther King Jr was shot and killed on the second floor of his balcony at the Lorraine Motel in Mephis Tenn

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Dr Kings paper with writeing on it for one of his speachies you can see the differents in hand writing from back then to right now

Kings hand cuffs from when he got arested and a picture of him in the handcuffs

this was Dr Kings Bible witch you can see he used a lot and was worn down I think the bible helped inflounce him to say some of the stuff he said in his speachies

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room 3

Civil Rights Legislation

The Civil Rights Legislation was a Law that prohibits Discriminnation based on race,color or religion

it was a good thing in hisory because that meant people could be discrimination based on there looks,sex or religion

it was passed on july 2, 1964 and signed in to law by president lyndon johnson witch was later passed by congress


Civil rights laws are very important in our history. They help make things fair for everyone, no matter what they look like or believe in. It took a long time to make these laws, but they have helped us get closer to a better society. We have laws like the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 that help stop discrimination and make sure everyone has the same opportunities to follow their dreams. There is still more we need to do, but we have to keep working hard to make things better.

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this was the actul paper that the legislation was signed on and passed by congress

Civil Rights Legislation Artifacts

this was one of the pens that was used to sign the civil rights legislation

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this is a picture of the civil rights legistrashion being signed

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