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civil rights


i have a dream


note: pictures are artifacts!

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mlk (Martin Luther King)

mlk was one of the best if not the best public speaker in USA and leader of civil of rights movement also known for giving the best speech named "i have a dream" he also worked with Rosa Parks, he was assassinated in 1968 in a hotel after giving his last speech

this is the hotel mlk was assassinated in by a gun man waiting him to step inside the room and mlk's death only angered people even more

in 1960 mlk and Dr. Martin were arrested after refusing to leave their seats at segregated department store lunch counter at downtown Atlanta georgia


Greensboro is a city in north carolina that had sagergation and in 1960, 4 african americans sat at only white lunch couner this action was heard from everywhere around america that took name of "greensboro sit-ins"

they insisted on being served even when asked to leave, 4 african americans did not leave and waited for their orders to be taken and after they were beaten and pushed around they didn't give up or fight back now that action is well known to all usa

in here you can see african americans been beaten and disrespected, but they stay calm and they don't fight back and they just wait their order to be taken

i have a dream speech

i have a dream speech was said in 1963 during civil of war times by mlk to inspire people and mlk said what he thought of sagergation and black's rights, this took place in washigton at Lincton memorial to thousands of people

this is a selfie of i have a dream speech with mlk telling it to thousands of african americans to give them motivation and it was heard from all across america (>///<)