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The journey of rights

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Assasination of MLK

I Have a Dream march

Black Power Movemnet

Assasitnation of MLK

On April 4th 1968 a tragedy happened to the whole African American community. Martin Luther King was shot on his balcony at the age of 39 while staying in Memphis, Tennesee. He was staying there to lead a march the day of but never got the opportunity to march and lead his speech.

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This picture was taken right after MLK was shot. The men pointing were pointing to where the shooter went. If you look closeley you can see MLK on the ground holding his chest.

This is the poster they put up around the neighborhoods to find the shooter because he ran off after he shot MLK. James Earl Ray, the man who killed MLK was a rasist and treated African Americans horribly.

This is MLK at his funeral in his casket. After he was shot and the abulances arrived he was still alive but he died just a few minutes later.

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The Black Power movemnet started after the assasition of MLK. They believed they would not redeem freedom with out violence and they had a right to use violence as defense. The hatred and violance taht was happening was going agaisnt all of MLK' s belifs but they thought they were doing the right thing. One thing MLK would have supported during the movemnet was the pride they took as AFrican Americans. Many women and men started wearing their natrual hair and displayed it.

Black Power Movement



This picture really shows the strength of women during the movement. They felt confident in their skin and took pride in their culture by wearing their hair in afros. BTW this time period was when the afro was originated.

Omg look how bad they were getting treated. The african americans did not accept that and fought back. What would you have done? Fought back or no?

This picture shows the damage done by the white people towards the blacks. They went as far as burning down a church with fire!

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A black women embraces her hair (afro).

I have a Dream Speech

On August 28, 1963 many African American people joined together and marched for equality. During their march different people gave speeches and empowered others. The speech that caught everyone's attention was the I Have a Dream Speech. The speech encouraged others and was powerful. That was the big start for MLK.


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WOW! Look at how many people were at the march when MLK spoke! There were more than 200,000 people there.

MLK had so much determination and opinions that he spoke in front of so many people. His determindness got him super far.

The MLK speech was so empowering but did you know most of it was off the top of his head. HE did write some parts but the others were just thoughts.

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MLK giving his I Have a Dream speech

The capacity of the march

The I Have a Dream Speech