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civil rights movement

by Lev S



freedom riders

freedom riders

the freedom riders were a group that sat in a bus and drove through town to try to end segragaition but the bus was attacked and the bus went up if flames

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the bus going up in flames

the group

the freedom riders tring to get out when the bus is burning

the sit-ins were a big group which started with 4 college black students. they sat In a restaurant in the only white zone and asked for food but were rejected so they sat there till they were fed. it was a non-voiliont protest agenst segrgation. when the word spread to the news it spred like wild fire and more and more people joined the non-voilent protest. the protesters had food thrown at them. evenchuly the companies were running low on money and just started serving everyone equally.


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the original group

more people joined

food was trown at them


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in 1963 a group of students was asked by MLK to march in a city called Birmingham its was the most racist city in the south. They marched in a non-violent protest to try to bring an end to segregation. they thought that the police of birmingham wouldn't hurt kids but they were wrong. the police used fire hoses that ripped clothes and police dogs that bit the children. when MLK himself arrived he was arrested as well as the kidsbut some people got videos and pictures of what the police did everyone got mad and MLK and the kids got let out and segregation ended.

police dogs

MLK being arested

fire hoses

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this is a picture of the kids being attacked by police dogs. when the people in the north the president needed to take control

this is the og people who started the sit ins. after this more people joined

food was thrown. directly at them

this are the people who were on the bus. they were called the freedom rider

in the photo you see the kids being hosed. it ripped clothes and brused the children.

this is a picture of the bus. it went up in flames

this is more people who joined. but food was throun

this picture contains the mug shot how MLK. he was released by the president