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Greensboro sit-ins

Assassanation of MLK

Freedom Riders

The Amazing Civil Rights Muesem!

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Freedom Riders


The Freedom Riders wanted to test if they could be equal to whites. In 1961 The Greyhound was attacked by a group of haters. Thus group was called the Ku Klux Klan. They were also known as the KKK. They really hurt a lot of the riders. Did you know that the KKK sent some buses up in flames? 🔥. This caused a lot of damage.


This is an outfit from a member of the KKK. They used these outfits as disguises, kind of like spiderman🕷! They use them so they do not get recongnized while hurting African Americans.

This is the Freedom Rider bus that was attacked by the KKK. They set the bus on fire and overall destroyed it. They also got inside and attacked the people and really hurt them.

This is a map of the trail the Freedom Riders wanted to take. From Washington D.C. to New Orleans, Lousiana. You can see Anniston, Alabama where one of the buses was attacked by the KKK.

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MLK Assassination

In Memphis Tennessee on April 4, 1968 MLK was at a motel. At just 39, MLK was hunted down and killed at this motel. Did you know if he was not assasinated there is a chance he would have still been alive! He would have been 94 on January 15th 2023.

This is room 306's balconey at the Lorraine Motel. This is the place MLK was assassinated. The shot was said to have fired from across the street. He had returned to Memphis the day before the murder.

This is the suspected murder weapon that was used to kill MLK. It was found a few blocks away from the scene. The man said to have done the crime was James Earl Ray.

This is the Lorraine Motel now. It has been turned into the National Civil RIghts Museum. After MLK was assasinated the scene of the murder was turned into a musuem.

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Greensboro Sit-ins

The Greensboro sit ins were done by a group of high schoolers. They sat down at a Whites only Lunch counter. Instead of violnece they choose a peaceful protest. They did not move even while having ketchup and mustand dumped on them, being spit on, and more.


This is a picture of the " Greensboro Four" sitting at the counter. They were the four highschoolers that started the Greensboro sit-ins, which ended up being held by more than 100 people. They are the four that stood up fr what they thought was right and ended up making a big change.

These are the four beginning seats from the Greensboro Sit-ins. They are the seats that the "Greensboro Four" sat in and did not move from until closing time and then they returned in the morning. They did not retaliate while being spit on, having ketchup and Mustard poured on them, or more. They choose peaceful protest in these seats.

This is an example of one of the signs posted by the white-only section of the counters. Blacks would not be served if they sat here, and instead would have stuff thrown or put on them. This is where the" Greensboro Four" sat down, and did not move from.

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