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civil rights museum

By: Benjamin Cronin

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Free riders


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Many things came from Civil Rights Legislation. there was stuff like the 24th ammendment. The 24th ammendment states that the poll tax can't be allowed. The poll tax was a tax you had to pay if you wanted too vote. Another thing is the Civil rights act of 1964. This made segregation illegal and outlaws discrimination based on race origon, sex, or religion. And finally the votings right act of 1965 came from it. This banned literacy test and granted the right too vote for african americans without obstacle. The litteracy test was a test that everyone had to prove they could read and write to vote, which many African americans couldn't do.

Civil Right Legislation

This is the picture I chose to represent the 24th Amendment. Many people couldn't afford the poll tax and almost no African Americans could afford it because life was a lot harder. The 24th Amendment let everyone not have to pay and changed the world

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 put simply made it illegal to have segregation. This helped African Americans with lot's of stuff because it gave them equal stuff such as education as the whites.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is very important. It banned the literacy test and ensured the right for African Americans to vote without obstacle. If you don't know what that is, it was a test to prove you could read and write to be aloud to vote.

Freedom riders

The freedom riders were a group of people who refused to go on busses. Now you may be wondering why they don't want to go on the bus? Well Back then African Americans were not aloud too sit in the front of the bus. And if the bus was full of white people then African Americans had to get off the bus. The protest started in may 1961. You may know who rosa parks is and think she started it all. but she was just the one that pused everyone over the edge, there was many people before her who refused to get out of their seat. The first Freedom Ride ended before it reached New Orleans, but the news and pictures got America’s attention. And finnaly after a long six months the boycott finnaly ended and busses were desegreated. This was not because they realized it was wrong but because they were losing money.

On december 5th 1955 Rosa parks was arrested. Many people followed after her and then six years later almost every African American followed her.

This is a bus from the 1950s and it is a very famous one. If you are wondering why it's famous it is the the one that Rosa Parks got arrested on in 1955.

on November 1st, 1961 all interstate busses were required to display a certificate that said that the bus was dessegregated.

Docotor Martin Luther King was assassinated on april 4th, 1968. He was in Memphis Tennesse when he got shot and he was staying in a hotel after giving a speech. Did you know that martin luther king was one of the greatest public speakers of all time? He gave many speeches such as most famously I Have A Dream. Do you recognize the name of that speech? Good job👍. He was shot while in a motel after giving a different speech in Memphis. I wonder why anyone would ever want to shoot him, do you know? Well incase you dn't he was a very contreversial speaker. He would promote black rights and empowered many black people. You may be wondering why that is a bad thing🤷? Well back then white people did not ussualy like African Americans in the south and many people were very strong about it. Some felt so strong about it that they were starting riots and being rude to African Americans. Did you know that African Americans are all equal with whites 😌, I hope you do because it is never okay to be racist torwards someone due to anything including skin color gender etc. It is such a tradgedy that Martin Luther King was shot but it sparked more rage in African Americans to fight for there rights.

MLK Assassination

Do you remember how I said MLK was shot in a motel? well this is it. you may be wondering why it looks so modern? well this is a museum made at the spot of the motel. did you know it was originally called Lorraine Motel, he was in room 306.

This is the MLK memorial in Washington D.C. It was made in honor of Martin Luther King after he got shot.

This is the script of MLK's speech on the day he died. This was given in Memphis Tennessee on April 4th, 1968 at the University of Memphis. This was a very important speech just like all of his others but this is different, it feels more important.