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Children's Civil Rights Museum

A Harshita Patel creation

BLack power Movement

MLK Assaisination

I have a dream

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Black Power Movement

The Black power movement was established after the death of Martin Luther King (Jr.). It was a group of people that believed peace was not the answer to revolution. They feared that if they did not use violence, whites would assume them as weak. They had confidence that using violence against the whites (just as the whites had used against them_ was a strong move. A move that will also make this movement run a lot faster. Though they appreciated the peacful ways of King and how much he had changed for blacks during his life, they didn't believe continuing would give African Americans the rights they deserved as quickly as it should.

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When MLK was assinated, people where fuming with rage. 😑 They were done with peace. In this picture, Stokely Carmichael is making a speech for civil rights. Though instead of encouraging peace, he is encouraging using power. He is encouraging to use violence if needed. 😲


As the Black Power movement rose, people started having more powerful marches and protests. If people were influenced to, they would even get violent! They thought their actions were more effective if they hurt others. πŸ€•


The Black Panther was the (official) newspaper of the Black Panther Party which believed in black power. It even mentions at the top of the newspaper that the part was for self defence. Self defence meaning violence. πŸ’ͺ They were supporters who influenced others to support this too.

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I Have A Dream Speech

The "I Have A Dream" speech given by Martin Luther King is one of the most iconic speeches in american histroy. It was given at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., during the march on Washington. It was extremely motivating and asspiring to others. The speech potrayed the emotions of the african americans. It laid out the goals which MLK was working towards. He showcased the beauty of his cause and how it would affect the future. Most importantly, the speech was convincing. It really showed the sad perspective of African Americans.

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This was inscripted at the lincoln memorial in 2003, marking the 40th anniversary of the speech. πŸ™Œ The speech was so signifigant to American history that people thought it necessary to mark it.

Inscription marking the spot where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood to give his "I Have a Dream" speech.

Original copy of the "I Have A Dream" speech.

The original copy of the "I Have A Dream" speech is only a bit different then the speech itself. MLK may have improvised just a bit, but he still used basically all of this script. πŸ“ This is a highly valued copy since this speech was so important.

The March on Washington.

The March on Washington is what led up and happened during the speech. Afterall, it was when they reached the Lincoln Memorial was the speech given. MLK gave the speech here as lincoln was one of the most important and helpful people for African Americans. He was incredibly supportive of the cause and did his best so that African Americans could have better rights.

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Assassination Of Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King was assassinated on April 4, 1668. He was killed in Lorraine Motel, Room 306 balcony in Memphis, Tennessee. He was 39 at that time. He was shot from far away while he was on the balcony of the hotel. His death was sudden and abrupt. People were devastated when he was killed. The death of a leader didn't exactly give hope to African Americans. His death was recognized as a threat, which it was. People worried that whites thought of the African Americans as weak. This thought later on led to the Black Power Movement.

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People pointing at the shooter.

At the sound of a gun people instantly rushed to MLK's balcony. There they found MLK dead! πŸ’€At this devasting 😭 news they tried to find who killed him. Sadly, they couldn't as the assassin had escaped. Though they might not have known who the shooter was, they knew where they shooted from. πŸ”« They started pointing in the direction of the gunshot right away.

MLK was shooted at the Lorraine Motel. Though it was a hotel at the time of his death, today its stands as the National Civil Rights Museum. πŸ› In fact, Martin Luther King's room is still left as it was that day. Not only is there that, but they also have other civil rights dedicated things in the musuem.

National Civil Rights Museum, formally known as the Lorraine Motel.

When King died, all the newpaper instantly mentioned it. This one of the many articles wrote about his death and how it happened. Most had a title something along the lines of "King is slain" or "King murdered!". Everyone knows King is dead.

A newpaper anouncing the death of MLK.