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Unit 2 Conquest

How did the silk road impact relationships between countries in Afro-Eurasia?

Which empire was more important to the Silk Road?

Advancement in Maritime technology led sailors to create..

Can you find an example commercial innovations

What are the cons of caravans?

How would you summarize the Yuan dynasty?

How do you think the Silk Road impacted religion?

What is the main idea of the caravanserai?

What affected the rise of the Mongol Empire?

What would happen if the travelers on the silk road did not have the caravanserai?

Who do you think had the greatest impact on the Mongol Empire and why?

What is an alternative to abolishing the Yuan Dynasty that the White Lotus Society could have used?

Who is Kublai Khan?

What would happen if the batu never chose to return home for the funeral of Ogodei Khan

What led to the Mongols losing their power?

How did the interregional conflicts with the Mongols affect cultural developments?

How did the Indian Ocean trade lead to cultural change?

How did the increase of improved commercial practices and transportation improve the trade routes?

Identify an example of the Indian Ocean trade impacting relationships between two….?

Which of the following is true about the Indian ocean

  1. It spread Buddhism to west africa
  2. It made cities grow and become wealthy
  3. The traders determined the price of goods
  4. It spread Islam to Indonesia

Both the Indian Ocean and the Silk road was similar because

How did monsoon winds affect Indian religion?

How do you explain why Mali became more prosperous than Ghana?

Mansu Musa took a pilgrimage to where and why?

Could you invent a way to make caravans more secure

What do you think made gold the most valuable item on the trans saharan trade route

What would happen if caravans were not used on the Trans-Saharan routes?

True or False Mali was the richest kingdom out of Songhai kingdom and Ghana.

The travelers and camels would get sick or die from dehydration since the Silk Road was very Arid.

They used a system of credit named flying cash as a new financial system which helped increase trade.

Thicker protection layers and no opening

Genghis Khan because he was the elected leader of the Mongolian Kingdom.

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Traders brought goods and technology which lead to the spread of religion and other cultural traditions

Triangular lateen sails which could easily catch wind

They both were a network of trade routes which led to technological, cultural, and geographical expansion.


It encouraged significant technological and cultural transfers.

Mali became more prosperous than Ghana because Mali benefited from the gold trade more than Ghana.

The golden horde may have never been defeated and could've went on a much more treacherous reign.

Resting spot for travelers and their animals.


There would be no good defense against bandits, and trade would be more difficult without transportation.

Merchants would have to settle down in port cities for months at a time while they waited for the winds to pass, and in this time they would pick up the religion from those port cities. This action is also known as diaspora.

It expanded the geographical range and the volume of the trade.

Mecca, and to spread Islam

It spread beliefs and traditions


The mongol empire

Founder of the Yuan dynasty.

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As religion was spread the residents of different kingdoms and dynasties could have picked up religion that was not advertised there.

Instead of creating a new dynasty they could have created an army like the golden horde

The failure of there military campaigns.

The Mongol Empire conquered the Abbasid Caliphate and took control over China, which allowed the Mongol Empire to expand.

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Because of the silk road Afro-Eurasia was much larger in population and became more technologically advanced

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There were communication issues between traders because of the lack of a common language, and the extreme weather conditions.

They were a dynasty established by mongols that ruled over China for majority of the 13th century