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While reading the study of the human mind and emotions through a short story called, "Why Do Some Brains Enjoy Fear?" you learn a few interesting reasons that people have discovered on why exactly your brain feeds off emotions that are darker, such as horror and terror. They mention, "To really enjoy a scary situation, we have to know that we're in a safe environment." This quote is interesting because if tables were to switch and your scary environment became unstable and unsafe, you would essentially be terrified. Being unknown to what's going on and having the risk of your safety on the line is always a factor in the back of everyone's mind.

In the same short story, "Why Do Some People's Brains Enjoy Fear" they mention an intriguing statement, "Humans are obsessed with death; we simply have a hard time wrapping our head around what happens when we die." This is super interesting to think about. The fact that humans want to know what happens when we die, but are too scared to actually die in fear that they may not come back. We create supernatural beings in our mind that give us hope of an afterlife, something that lets our soul live on. We hope for reincarnation or something that hints we can stay on the earth for another lifetime. It's truly amazing how the human mind thinks and hopes.

In a podcast called, "This is criminal" a horrifying episode named "Bump in the night" is a story of Amber Dawn and her terrible encounter at her new apartment. A quote mentioned, "I heard a loud thump in the bedroom" is the chilling twist when everything in her world seems to become unreal, as she continues to push off her intuition and gut feelings. The fear and terror begins to settle in the listener. This factor surely allures people into the story, it make you want to know what happens in the end.

In addition to "Bump in the Night", shortly after hearing the noise in her bedroom she draws a bath. She sits in the tub for a few minutes when she notices the attic trapdoor that is in her bedroom is now open. She knows exactly where the person would be hiding and she now knows for a fact there is someone with her and she is not alone. She states, "There was someone living in my house with me" this chilling statement lets fear settle in with the listener but draws them in to see what her fate is and what exactly will she do.