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Colonization of Zimbabwe

By: Yates Goheen



Where Zimbabwe is located

Zimbabwe is located in Africa.

Zimbabwe's mother country

In the 1880's British diamond magnate cecil Rhodes British South Africa company (BSAC) started to make inroads into the region. In 1898, the name Southern Rhodesia was adopted.

When Zimbabwe got colonized

The British colonized Zimbabwes Independence in 1980.

When Zimbabwe gained Independence

Zimbabwe gained official independence on April, 18, 1980. The goverment held independence celebrations in Rufaro stadium in Salisbury, the capital.

Zimbabwe mother country and where it took place

On November, 11, 1965 the Rhodesion fron of Ian Smith issued a unilateral decleration of independence from the United Kingdom. The british goverment considered the unconstituational and illegal, and imposed sanctions on Rhodesia.