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Mastery Quiz

Escape Rooms


Microsoft Forms

Remove the need for quiz retakes & corrections. Students continue to work through the initial quiz until they reach a mastery level set by you!

  • Add questions to the desired format
  • Add "codes" throughout and/or at the end for students to submit in edio
  • This will save you time and alleviate the need to check completion in other sources.
  • Add an assessment variant where the quiz questions are the "codes" provided throughout the mastery quiz

You can use the same Edio questions!


Taylor Swift

Original and final score

Mastery Assessment

The Quiz



Students are guarenteed a minimum score you set. In this case, Taylor kept getting the same questions and review pieces until she got 100% of the questions correct.

A version of Mastery Quizzes

Escape Rooms

There are many tech tools that escape rooms can be built with. Here are some Grab and Go templates to use as starters.