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Welcome to Creating Interactive School Materials with Genially



Benefits of Genially

Genially offers several benefits in education, including..

Increased student engagement

Enhanced creativity in teaching materials

Improved accessibility, catering to diverse learners



Types of interactive materials

Genially empowers educators to create a wide range of interactive materials such as





Create an account on the Genially platform and log in to create your interactive educational materials

Getting started

Getting started with Genially is easy

Genially interface

Genially's interface consists of a canvas where you design...

Your content

A toolbar for accessing various tools

Layers for organizing elements

Resources panel for adding media

Design tips

To create visually engaging content, maintain consistency in color schemes

Color schemes

Readable fonts

High-quality images

Organized and clean layout


Adding interactivity

Genially makes it simple to add interactivity to your materials. You can incorporate buttons, pop-ups, hyperlinks, animations, and embed multimedia elements effortlessly

You can also easily share your materials with others or embed them in DLP 2 (WordPress)

Genially facilitates collaboration among educators and students

Collaboration & sharing

Example of Genially materials

Let's explore inspiring examples of interactive educational materials designed by educators using Genially to see its potential in action

    Genially's interactive features support active learning by keeping students engaged and facilitate differentiation by catering to diverse learning styles and needs

    Best practices

    Conclusion and QA

    In today's digital world, interactive educational materials are pivotal in engaging students and enhancing the learning experience

    This presentation will explore how Genially can help educators create such materials effectively

    Some tools to embed and make content interactive: H5P, Lum, Adapt

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