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“I will help myself and others to learn by being in the right place at the right time and with the right equipment, ready to listen and complete my work.”

Being ready means coming prepared, being engaged, and demonstrating a willingness to learn and contribute. This might include having the equipment we need, being alert, listening, having ‘eyes on me/eyes front’, being ready to participate, etc.

This means that we all work to create a secure and nurturing space where everyone feels protected physically, emotionally, and mentally. "I will be kind and considerate, looking after myself and others, following appropriate instructions from staff.”

This means being considerate of and showing kindness to self and others whatever their appearance, gender, sexuality, disability, age, race, religion or belief. It also means respecting the college environment and facilities“I will listen and talk politely to other learners and staff and look after equipment and other people’s possessions.”