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LATAM Communications Department

Visual Communication Officer, Honduras

Alejandra Martínez

Communications Officer, Honduras

Communications and Institutional Relations Officer, Colombia

Adriana Ruiz

Gerson García

Social Communicator, Colombia

Social Communicator,Colombia

Graphic Designer, Honduras

Moisés Flores

Sharic Martínez

María Paula Rincón

Latam Comms Team

Increase the visibility of GOAL's impact and values through a communications and marketing strategy for the delivery of evidence-based and creative material and content.

GOAL Comms Objective

Increase GOAL's footprint and position among donors and increase diversified long-term funding opportunities and accountability of GOAL programmes to key stakeholders.

Communication's duties

Social Media Management

Communication's duties

Coordinación del departamento de comunicaciones

GOAL Latin America's communications team has established an exceptional dynamic that has allowed it to successfully reflect content from Honduras, Colombia and other countries where GOAL projects are being developed in the region.

The fluent coordination between both countries has been a fundamental pillar in this achievement, giving all GOAL content a unique and authentic identity. Through bi-monthly content planning meetings, we highlight project activities, holiday celebrations and commemorative days that emphasize the values, traditions and cultural richness of the diverse communities and ethnicities in the region.

This approach has allowed us to share significant stories and strengthen our presence and advocacy as a humanitarian organization in Latin America.

Communication's duties

Social Media Management


To develop digital strategies, coordinate future joint projects such as campaigns, documents, success stories.

Humanitarian Holidays

Working together the channel, type of material, and desired approach to enhance the Day highlighting GOAL's work in both countries.

Weekly posts

To balance GOAL's platform such as facebook and instagram with posts of both countries


To boost the digital strategy through budget and timeline


To keep our media always online with project activities

Communication's duties

Social Media Management

Engagement 2022 vs 2023


Instagram outreach 2022

Instagram outreach Jan-Sept 2023

Facebook outreach Jan-Sept 2023


Facebook outreach 2022




Organic reachment


Organic reachment

Communication's duties

Social Media Management

Engagement 2022 vs 2023


Instagram profile visits2022

Instagram profile visits Jan-Sept 2023

Facebook profile visits Jan-Sept 2023


Facebook profile visits 2022




Organic reachment


Organic reachment

Communication's duties

Social Media Management

Engagement 2022 vs 2023


Instagram followers2022 *approx

Instagram followers Jan-Sept 2023

Facebook followers Jan-Sept 2023


Facebook followers 2022 *approx




Organic reachment


Organic reachment

LATAM Digital Campaigns

Visual material

For project participants

Institutional documents

Institutional documents


Public relations & field work

Approach to traditional media

Approach to traditional media

Work Field

Our mission is to empower the communities we serve. Through our humanitarian stories, we not only showcase the positive impact of our projects, but also highlight the resilience and determination of people facing extraordinary challenges. Each story captured is a testimony to the spirit of resilience and collaboration that characterizes the communities we work with. We believe in the importance of sharing these inspiring narratives to raise awareness of the realities and needs of those living in vulnerable contexts and to foster global solidarity.

Crowdfunding Campaign

Part of the Blue Economy program to support disabled & active divers

The Concept

  • Courage
  • Future
  • Dive
  • Survival
  • Blue
  • Risk

  • Resilience
  • Income
  • Sea
  • Waves
  • Depth
  • Edge

The Donation


Start on Dec 3th

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

For how long?

Our goal: reach at least $ 50K, for this purpose, we believe we can make it within a year

The Campaign Material

The Campaign Material

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