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JJ Burger

Erick Morales COrange Kitchen /hour 5


About our Restaurant

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How our burger came to fruition


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The Critics are Saying:

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Our Burger

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What I'm Proud of:

  1. We managed to keep the budget under $3 after many revisions
  2. The Burger doesn't hold any ingredients out of place or that don't fit well with the rest
  3. we managed to not undercook them or burn them


  • 4oz Ground Beef seasoned with a personal blend of onion powder, garlic powder, and salt & pepper
  • Cheddar chees
  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Jalapeños

Built to display the cooking ideas of Jack and Joshua, The JJ Cooking Palace is a restaurant that serves a wide variety of delectable meals and snacks.

The JJ Cooking Palace

What We Serve

  • Breakfast foods
  • Brunch
  • Quick Lunch
  • Snacks
  • Whatever Jack and Joshua can think of

"While seemingly plain compared to other burgers, it's a good plain. Sometimes, it's good to take a break from these over-enginneered, crazy combinations of meals that count as hamburgers, and just eat it how it was made to be: two normal buns, a generic beef patty, and an assortment of vegetables that are usually lettuce, tomatoes, and something like pickles. it's not too plain either, having some cheese and some jalapeno for some kick. If I was eating out for the first time in a month or so, I would probably choose an amalgamation of my favorite foods stuffed into a hamburger over this. If it were the second or third time, however, I would without a doubt eat something like this instead."

"A Nice Break From the Crazy."

The Challenges

  • During the planning process, there were multiple revisions of what the burger would have, from bacon and eggs, mozzerella or bacon bits, to even avocado. at the end, we finally went with a set of ingredients that. while fairly simple, were good toppings that tasted wonderful together
  • During the Cooking process, we wound up taking quite long to prep, leading to us having around half the time remaining to cook the patties and set the burgers themselves. to speed up the pace, we cooked the patties double at a time and quickly set the burgers once they were fully cooked, clearing up space and allowing us to clean up the kitchen almost entirely before the judges began their testing

While there were few, there were some challenges faced that were quite tedious to work around

After some time pondering what type of burger to make and what to put on it, we settled on making a more standard burger. As the group beside us was creating a very creative breakfast themed burger, with some unique ingredients , we considered that making a burger that was meant to be as unique as possible would end up being quite the opposite, rather the expected meal, that of which might not even turn out well. Rather than to spend our time making a coin flip of a meal that is likely to be disliked by some, we decided to go for a more normal burger with a little extra flavor.

How it was created