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Muslim views on Life after Death

GCSE Textbook

Muslims believe that...

  • Their body is buried underground until the last day
  • The Angel of Death takes the soul to Barzakh
  • On the Last Day, Allah resurrects everybody from the grave
  • The body and soul meet again to stand before Allah for judgement

After Death

God's influence

  • Allah (God) knows the exact times of birth and death of every and each individual
  • Allah allows all life in existence
  • Allah allows all death in existence

The Dying

  • The dying should die facing Makkah
  • A dying person should hear the Shahadah
  • The Adhan must be the last thing a Muslim hears when they die

The Qu'ran

  • The Qu'ran states that whoever doubts Akhirah is not a Muslim
  • Muslims are not cremated; it would be wrong to destroy the body
  • No human has the capability to picture Jannah; it is protrayed as a garden to ease mind
  • Akhirah is a very significant concept in Islam

Personal Account

She died on December 5th 2017, listening to Adhan from my local Mosque. Her body was buried 6 feet underground, as her soul made its departure for the world after.Body and soul once again, she stood before Allah and recieved analysis, completely at peace in herself, imagining what was to come.Jannah is a place like no other, Jannah is better than a thousand Christmas's, a thousand stars and a thousand suns.My dear mother was a sweet angel. May Allah grant her the highest level of Jannah.She may wait for me there.



-Shahada: testimony of faith-Adhan: call to prayer-Akhirah: life after death-Barzakh: waiting area-Yawmul-Deen: day of judgement-Yawmul-Qiyamah: day of resurrection-Jannah: Heaven-Jahannam: Hell

Key Words



Jahannam is depicted as a realm of extreme torture, pain and anguish. Bad people go to Jahannam, but Muslims believe Allah is merciful, and forgives those who ask for it.

The good are sent to Jannah to relax and enjoy spending time closer to God. Jannah is said to be a utopia of joyful choirs and leisure.

Passages from the Qu'ran:

He brings forth the living from the dead, and the dead from the living. He resurrects the earth after its death. Likewise, you shall be raised to life.’Surah 30:18Those who believe and do righteous deeds are the best of creatures. Their reward is with their Lord – Gardens of Eden, underneath which rivers flow, where they will dwell for ever. Allah is well pleased with them and they with Him. This is for those who fear the Lord’. Surah 5:119‘The unbelievers of the People of the Book and the idolaters shall be forever in the fires of hell’ Surah 98:6