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On Ethics & Reflexivity

IS830, Week THREE Lecture, 2024Dr Nazanin Shahrokni

Our Guest Speaker

Prof. Megan MacKenzie

Conceptualizing Ethics & Ethical Research- Effective Reflexivity- Ethical Surprises, Dilemmas, Paradoxes- Maintaining Critical Distance from Research SubjectsEthics in Practice- Protecting Researchers and Research Subjects- Compensating Research and Research Subjects for Their Contributions- Whose Voice Should be Included? Whose Expectations Should be Addressed?Ethical considerations in Prof. Mackenzie's Research- Positionality- Dealing with IRB & Bureaucratice Procedures- Maintaining IntegrityEthical considerations at SIS- Reflexivity in International Studies- Deconolizing International Studies- Practical StepsEthical issues related to particular research themes- Security Studies and Migration Control- Terrorism - Refugee Studies

List of Questions

Due date: 2 February 2024, 4pm

Create a Charter for decolonizing research for the school for international studies


In this assignment, you are tasked with developing a brief but comprehensive charter for the School for International Studies at Simon Fraser University. This charter should outline a strategic plan for decolonizing knowledge and conducting ethical research within the academic environment. Drawing on the principles of decolonization, your charter should address key areas such as curriculum, research, institutional practices, and community engagement. You can focus on all or some of these areas. The goal is to foster an inclusive and equitable learning environment that recognizes and promotes diverse perspectives.

Assignment prompt

Drafting an Actionable & Realistic Charter


Building a Culture of Inclusivity & Respect


Critical Assessment of Current Practices


Understanding Decolonization Principles


By completing this assignment, you should gain a deep understanding of the practical steps involved in decolonizing knowledge and conducting ethical research within an academic institution and develop the skills to advocate for and implement meaningful change.

Learning objectives

Write an essay or compose a document with the School for International Studies in mind. Think of this document as something that could be used as a draft to create a mission statement for the department or published as a guideline on our website.

Think about your audience and the ways in which you can encourage/oblige them to follow these guidelines.

Be creative

You may draw on charters, guidelines, documents created by SFU or other institutions. Get inspired by the work that has already been done.

External resources

Engage with at least 6 key readings from the first 3 weeks


Use proper citation. Citations don't count towards the word limit.


750 words max.

Word Limit

Format And Structure

Your work here

Good luck!