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Domestic Violence-Voice For Change

By Glana Keyede, Glanelle Keyede, Faria Hossain,Nishat Hossain,Aifa Faisar

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Domestic violence

Did you know that this year alone there has been 1.5 million domestic abuse cases and of these cases only 40,000 go to court.

'Violence is a dark contrast to what many of us still believe in-love.'

-Robi Ludwig-

The number of domestic abuse related crimes have increased by 7.7% compared to previous years.

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1 in 5

Female and Male

1 in 5 adults experience domestic abuse during their lifetime. This equates to 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6-7 men.



14% of women have experienced physical violence from a partner since the age of 15.


Previous years

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Relevant data


of Black and ethnic minority respondents felt the police treated them differently because of their ethnic background or heritage.

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