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Domestic Violence-Voice For Change

By Glana Keyede, Glanelle Keyede, Yaseen Hussain,Nishat Pola Hossain, Zain Rahman

Domestic violence

Did you know that this year alone there has been 1.5 million domestic abuse cases and of these cases only 40,000 go to court.

  • Voice 4 Change provides services to victims, perpetrators or both

They provide:

  • counselling free of charge
  • Anger Management lessons

  • It educates and trains the advancement of health and saving lives
  • Provides services for advocation to give advice to men and women
  • They believe that victims deserve a second chance to live their life
  • Located in liverpool

About our charity

What Voice 4 Change offers

What do Voice 4 Change specialise in?

Who benefits from their services?

  • Our charities income is £5,934.
  • Total expenditure is £10,450
  • With the £1000 they will use this to recruit more people.
  • They will also use the money to reduce their fees for their anger management classes.

Why you should pick our charity!

'Violence is a dark contrast to what many of us still believe in-love.'

-Robi Ludwig-

Interactive Question


Wear purple items on Monday 18th of December to help fight against domestic violence. This can be in the form of socks or hair ties.

In the atrium there will be a whiteboard where you can brainstorm any ideas that you can think of to help continue spreading awareness in the future.

On Friday 15th December you can collect purble ribbons during the christmas market to help support our charity and spread awreness. Please feel free to donate what you can.

Social Action

Purple day

Get involved

Purple ribbons

Join the cause


Your ideas

Relationship Between Victim And Abuser

  • Family of origion-69%
  • Friends-14%
  • In-laws-11%
  • Others 6%


There has been a 7.7% increase in domestic abuse related crimes compared to last year.

  • Survivor
  • Safe and sheltered environment
  • A new life


What would you do if this was happening to someone close to you, wouldn't you want them to have the facilities that they need to help them get back on their feet?

Voice 4 change

Violence is a dark contrast to what many of us still believe in-love.

Thank you for listening!