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By: Logan Dodd


The push for black rights

By: Logan Dodd

Greensboro sit-ins

Rosa park

Malcom X

The Malcom X and black power movement was a movement to empower blacks to stand up for themselves. Rosa park and Montgomery bus boycott were to let there be no segregation on public transportation. The Greensboro sit-ins were to see if they were allowed to sit where they want at a dinerr without getting their seat taken by a white man or women.

Black Power Movement and Malcolm X

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This is Malcom X with a microphone talking to a crowd of people and inspiring them to stand up for black rights.

This is a picture of Malcom X giving a speech about black men and women to protest the goverments unfair laws and segregation.

This is Malcom X. He is the reason Black people stood up for their rights and pressured the government to change their laws.

It’s Malcom X and how he inspired people to protest segregation laws.It was an important part of the violence can create a movement of black freedmen.

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Rosa Parks Montgomery bus boycott.

This is Rosa Park's Mugshot and her on the bus before she refused to give up her seat to a white man. She had it with getting kicked out of her seat by the white men and woman so she didn't give up her seat and was arrested

This is what the busses looked like during the Montgomery bus boycott. There was like 1 person or there was no people.

This is the bus that Rosa Park refused to give up her seat in all those years ago.

Montgomery bus boycott where there were little to no people on the buses for nearly a year. It led to the desegregation of all public transport (bus).

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Greensboro sit-ins

This is what most of the diners in Greensboro looked like after the word got out about what happened and why they were doing it.

This is an example of how people who were with this movement got drinks and condiments poured on them by onlookers and waiters.

Ezell Blair, Jr. (later Jibreel Khazan), Franklin McCain, Joseph McNeil, and David Richmond these are the leaders of the Greensboro Sit-ins they started the movement and it spread. Ultimately causing Greensboro to be desegregated.

They sat in a cafe until it closed and got food poured on them by the workers.It leads to segregation in all of Greensboro, North Carolina.