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civil rights museumby: kalyna tsanev

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Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus boycott

Birmingham 1963

Greensboro sit-ins

Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus boycott


Protesters during the boycott. They fought against segregation.

Rosa parks sitting in the white section of a segregated Montgomery bus. When a white man asked to sit in her seat and go back to her section of the bus, she refused and got arrested.

Rosa Parks's mugshot after she was arrested for refusing to move out of her seat.

this was important because the boycott and Rosa Parks action led to end segregation as a whole.

why was this important?


Birmingham, 1963

Police officers turning on hoses to protesters on the street

Martin Luther King Jr. after being arrested in Birmingham for the peaceful protests that were led by him. He then wrote a letter to the school children to continue the protests

The remains of a church after it was bombed in Birmingham. It killed 4 black girls. This happened from racial hatred.

why was this important?

this was important it desegregated one of the most segregated towns. It showed to many people that racial hatred was wrong and caused violence.


Greensboro Sit-ins

College kids getting food dumped on their heads as a form of hatred from the silent protest.

College kids sitting at a white only lunch gounter in Greensboro

As more people heard about the peacuful protest, the supporters grew. This is a protest to support the sit-ins.

this is important because it gained attention which let to more supporters, and eventually stopped segregation in lunch counters and restaurants.

why was this important?