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Room 1

Room 2

Room 3

Freedom Riders:In this room i show pictures of the freedom riders and explain them. This room also has details about the Freedom Riders

Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott: This room also has some pictures and explanations and details about the Bus Boycott so basically the same thing as the first room

Greensboro Sit-ins:This room is the exact same as the first two but the content is different.

This picture shows what the freedom riders were trying to do. By going on buses and having posters that said its unfair for blacks not being able to do things like whites

This image shows what happened when they were riding the bus, it got attacked by the KKK and it was burned and the people on it got hurt.

This photo shows that in the end the freedom riders got what they wanted and it shows them being happy and celebrating it.

Date:May 4- Dec 10 1961

Why?: This happened because they(The Freedom Riders wanted to try and stop segregation on interstate buses

Who?: 27 African Americans Called The Freedom Riders

Where?: Montegremory to Mississippi.

This picture shows how the bus boycott looked like, the people standing infront of the buses are telling others not to get on them because the buses are racist

This photo is of Rosa Parks getting arrested for siting in the front of the bus instead of the back. She was the main leader of the bus boycott

This picture shows how all the African Americans were celebrating that they could finally sit wherever they wanted on buses and they celebrated that the first ever peaceful protest went well

When?:Dec 5, 1955Where?: AlabamaWhy?: They wanted to stop segregation on buses so that black people could sit wherever they wantedWho?: A whole bunch of people both blacks and whites.

This picture shows what they College students did, they sat at bars and waited to be served but if they didnt get served then the bar would be not doing good in business.

This photo shows that not only college students were protesting, when adults and others heard about the Greensboro Sit-Ins they joined the peaceful protest.

This image shows that the college students and others got what they wanted in the end and another peaceful protest worked well.

When?:1961Where?:GreensboroWhy?:Trying to stop segregation in public places How?: By sitting in public places like bars that dont serve blacks and waiting to be served.