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Alabama Civil Rights Movement museum

Room 03

Room 02

Room 01

Rosa Parks and the Montgomary Bus Boycott

Freedom Rider's

Birmingham Childrens March


Room 01

Rosa Parks and the Montgomary Bus Boycott

This is Rosa Parks sitting on the bus before she got arrested

This is the Bus that the bus boycott started on

Rosa Parks in jail because she didn't give up her seat.

The Montgomery Alabama Bus Boycott was important because it led to segregation on buses ending.The boycott lasted 13 months. It started by Rosa Parks being told to sit in the back ( black section) of the bus. She did not move and was arrested for not giving up her seat. A few days later 17,000 people found a different way to get the work/school and the Boycott began. The black people decided they wouldn't ride the bus till they could pick their seat and black people could be hired as bus drivers.

Room 02

Birmingham Children Marches

In Birmingham Alabama 1963 MLK traveled to Birmingham the most “segregated city". He got there and was arrested immediately for “parading without a permit”. While in jail he wrote down his goal for the civil rights movement on toilet paper. Because adults were scared to march or were already in jail, they sent kids out to peacefully protest. 1000 kids got arrested and police used high-pressure fire hoses and attack dogs to try to get them to stop. The country saw this on TV and got mad causing president Kenedy to send troops to regain peace in Birmingham. This led to Birmingham taking down their segregation signs in front of water fountains, restrooms, and lunch counters. They also reopened the public library, golf courses, parks, and schools to all of the city's residents.

Attack dogs police released to attack marchers.

This is the firefighters squirting the marchers with high-pressure fire hoses.

Children being taken away to prison for peacefully protesting.

Room 03

Freedom Riders

This is a bus that the KKK burnt while the freedom riders were on it and where the Freedom Riders were assaulted.

Some of the freedom riders were sent to jail.

The Freedom Riders being protected while on the road to Alabama.

In 1961 Freedom Riders traveled from Washington to Louisiana to see if they could sit anywhere they wanted, eat at restaurants unbothered, and use normal bathrooms. In Anniston Alabama, Freedom Riders got attacked and firebombed by the KKK. At another stop, they were attacked again with iron pipes, bats, and bike chains. Freedom riders were important because it led to the Interstate Commerce Commision law being passed which made interstate busses post a sign outside the bus saying "Seating aboard this vehicle is without regard to race, color, creed, or national origin, by order of the Interstate Commerce Commission".

Civil Rights Movements in Alabama included Freedom Riders, the Birmingham Children Marches, the Rosa Parks Bus Boycott, and more. All of these movements and the people involved helped fight against segration and changed the world for African American people all over the world.