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Teamwork Skills

Communication Skills


Genuine Interest


Doctors work within multidisciplinary teams. You’ll rarely work alone, and must work well with others, as you’ll need to rely on their judgements and be able to respect their opinions, especially when their expertise is necessary.

Doctors discuss patient care with a variety of people, including healthcare professionals, carers, families, and of course, the patient. Often, you’ll need to listen to others and take into account what’s being said. Additionally, you’ll regularly need to explain diagnoses, test results, management plans, and unfortunately, break bad news.

Medical school is difficult at times and can involve a lot of studying and exams. It’s important that you’re conscientious and hardworking, and be sure that this career is what you really want to do.

Unsurprisingly, it’s important that you’re passionate about medicine, treating illnesses, and helping people!

As a doctor, you’ll often see people at the worst moments of their lives. It can be incredibly hard for them, so it’s important that you can show empathy and compassion in every interaction.