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UNIT 2 Delivering customer service in a Business environment

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Starter Task

If money was no object and you went shopping now. What would be the first thing you would buy, why and where from? Your MIRO link is on class note book page. You will need to sign up.

What do you think our learning intentions could be for the lesson?


1.1What does added value mean in terms of customer service

Added value can include free shipping, discounts, extended warranties, loyalty programs, personalised services, or customer support.

Added value helps customers by providing them with extra benefits and services that they wouldn't get from other companies. This helps to create a more positive brand experience and encourages customer loyalty.

Added value benefits businesses by increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. This leads to improved customer service, increased revenue, and better customer relationships.

1.2 Find 3 examples of where added value has been applied to a customer interaction.

Now consider these constraints. Discuss in your groups and then add your answers to 1.3 in your classnote book area. TimeEmotional connectionResourcesTarget audienceTechnologyBudget

Check on this link for statements about the contraints you have discussed.

Complete 1.4 in your class notebook area. Explain why it is important to let the customer know when they have gone the extra mile.