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Activities Worker

Advocacy Worker

Care Worker

Personal Assistant

Housing Support Officer

Shared Lives Carer

Rehabilitation Worker

Activities workers are responsible for organising activities that are tailored to the needs and abilities of individuals, either on their own or as part of a group. The activities are typically created to either bring people together or to provide enjoyment. Activities workers are usually based in care homes, day centres, patient's homes, or in the community.

Advocacy workers are critical in securing services for people who need them most. They ensure that they're able to access services and ensure that people are placed right at the heart of decision-making about their care. The role will have a few different aspects associated with it, but may involve exploring options to help people make decisions about their lives, helping them access services, or representing a person and speaking up on their behalf in their best interests.

Care workers support people with many different aspects of their daily lives - including things like social and physical activities, mobility, meals, and personal care. They may also assist with booking and accompanying people at appointments, assisting with various needs, and monitoring conditions by taking temperature, pulse, and helping with medication.

Personal assistants usually support people in their own homes, or within the community. They can be employed directly by an individual, and can either work for one person or a number of different people. The role can vary, but as with other support roles, it aims to provide support in organising and supporting individuals with social and physical activities, helping them get to work, school, or university, or supporting them with tasks like shopping and cleaning.

Rehabilitation workers support people recovering from accidents or severe illnesses to live independently. They'll carry out assessments to identify what care and support people need, alongside working with other health and care professionals to ensure people receive the right help. They'll also advise people on how to use specialist equipment, or even teach them other skills such as making a cup of tea.

Shared lives carers have a unique role - they provide support for adults who have long-term conditions, and want to live independently in their community alongside someone else in a supportive environment. Shared lives carers may support people with mental health needs, dementia, learning disabilities, or even transitioning from foster care or long-term hospital stays.

Housing support officers can work in sheltered accommodations, supporting living services, hostels for the homeless or in the community. Typically, this involves supporting people with access to housing, helping them understand the different benefits available to them, and ensuring that they're able to live in secure and safe environments

Social Care Prescriber

Welfare Rights Officer

Employment Advisor

This role focuses on connecting people with non-medical support, such as day centres, charities or community groups to reduce loneliness and improve their quality of life. It will include assessing the support people need, such as making friends, finding employment, or learning new skills, and will refer people to appropriate services.

Welfare rights officers help people understand their rights and relevant laws and legislation. Some provide support across a range of topics, whilst others specialise in one area such as housing, or with one client group such as carers. This will include supporting people in filling out forms, applying for benefits, or speaking on people's behalf when they are unable to do so themselves.

Employment advisors support people in finding suitable work, exploring what skills and abilities they have and connecting them with employers and training providers. This will involve talking to people about their interests and goals, assessing their skills, and finding learning or work opportunities so that they can overcome any barriers to employment.