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Life is a rollercoaster, full of highs and lows. As you start your journey towards personal growth, remember one crucial thing: you are a mix of strengths and weaknesses, good and not-so-good traits. Embracing your whole self, the bright and the dakrk sides, is the very first step to achieving your goals.We all have a "shadow self" - parts of us we don't want to show others. To grow, we need to accept these hidden parts.You must take responsibility for your life. This means facing your flaws and working on them to become better.In simple words, this means knowing your strengths and using them wisely. But also, being honest about your weaknesses and working on them. This journey of self-awareness and self-improvement is where your success begins...

Accepting Your Whole Self

What is the dark side?

The dark side of you is filled with all sorts repressed stuff from our childhood, bad experiences, powerful emotions like anger, desires, weaknesses, and bad thoughts.This occours in everyone, of course you don't act upon them, but you need to learn to accept they are there and integrate them in a healthy way.When you can't accept these traits in yourself, or pretend they are not there, you tend to project them onto others, seeing their flaws instead of your own.You need to know your capacity for both doing good and doing evil. This is a key part of growing up and finding your way in the world.It's not about acting out as a villain but realizing the potential for it within you.Acting out on your dark side is what ruins realationships, family, gets you in to trouble, and stops you from becomming who you could become.

What is the Dark Side?

Repressed shadows can mess with your life, showing up as self-sabotage, defensiveness, or impulsive reactionsYou might not even realize why you keep making the same bad choices in life, with friends, family and realationships.But here's the deal: if you keep pretending it's not there, and pretend to be someone you're not, it's like building a house of cards. Eventually, it all comes crashing down, usually at the worst possible time.

Don't become resentful of people, don't let bitterness, jealousy and anger win or take control of you.Setting healthy boundaries and standing up for yourself is part of this journey.You need to be yourself sooner rather than later and it's far better to embrace all the good and all the ugly about yourself.Don't be afriad to be all of you!Don't try and be someone you are not, or try to fit in, follow your own path...

How can I work on it?

You need to pay attention to your reactions, especially the negative ones. Keep a journal to record your thoughts and feelings, and reflect on them.Watch your thoughts go by observe your thoughts without judgment, embrace your imperfections.Take responsibility for your actions, connect with a support network, and establish healthy boundaries.We will explore how to do this later in the programmes.