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artsmark at hazel

Safegarding Question:

At school, we receive phone calls about children from Operation Compass. What does this mean?


  • Creative Quality Standard for schools (both primary and secondary), accredited by Arts Council England.
  • Enables settings to develop and celebrate their commitment to the arts and cultural education of children and young people.
  • Helps schools to embed arts, culture and creativity, which in turn supports a broad, balanced and ambitious curriculum and stregthens progression.

Our Big Ambition:

for evey child at Hazel to be able to express themselves through the arts.

What has already happened?

Year 1 Collage Project with artist Steph Coley

Year 1 Collage Project

  • Through Arts Award, Year 1 got involved in creative activities
  • Explored the arts around them and investigated different art forms
  • Researched an artist (Peter Clark)
  • Worked collaboratively with a local artist (Steph Coley). The children learnt about collage techniques and produced a final piece in the style of Peter Clark.
  • Shared their discoveries

Year 3 Photography and Spoken Word Project

Year 3 making cyanotypes and writing and performing a poem about nature with Dean Lievers and Shay Sharma.

Year 4: working with Whissendine Primary School (Rutland) on 'My World Needs a Plaster: A Collaborative Cardboard Creation.'

Year 4 worked collabortaively and created a performance based on 'The Tale of a Toothbrush.'

Francophone Art Week (October)

Children explored the life and work of a French speaking artist and used their work as inspiration for their own pieces.

Creativity Council for KS2

  • Years 3-6
  • 2 children per year group - talented in the arts and will benefit from the leadership opportunity
  • Table ideas for creative projects in school
  • Please choose a child from your class and email me their names by Monday
  • 'A Trail of Giant Sequins' (Art Reach):
new creative art project, will be meeting with the creativity council children every Fridays (6th October-20th November) during Friday Time 2.30-3.15pm. Exhbition Trail - Jan 2024

Creativity Council for KS2

'A Trail of Giant Sequins' (Art Reach):

  • Design and create their own giant sequins
using recycling and re-using techniques, which helps them learn about eco-friendly arts and sustainability.
  • For 3 weeks, 10 windows in Leicester’s city centre will be decorated with the Giant Sequins and an interactive trail will allow people to learn tips and tricks for future re-using, upcycling, or recycling of textile materials.

What areas will we be developing moving into 2023-24?

  • Reviewing and adapting of Art planning to ensure better progression over time.
  • Artists coming into school to work with children.
  • More chances for pupils to access cultural establishments such as exhbitions and galleries.
  • More creative projects for the school.


  • Offers a Primary Art Curriculum - provids ideas, imspiration and guidance on art
  • Updated MTPs for some units in each year group - please check before teaching art. Some art units have been replaced with AccessArt units.
  • Has resources and videos to support
you when delivering the unit.
  • 1 login per year group

Evidencing the Arts

  • Write LO into sketch book. Tick the LO if it has been met.
  • Make sure the whole learning sequenced is evidenced. If the final piece is unavailable, take a picture to stick into sketch book.
  • Take photos, tweet on Twitter and please tag me.