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6. Where the Nenets live

5. Clothing

4. The Reindeers

3. The Nenets way of life

2. The Nenetes food

1. Who are the Nenets?


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The Tundra is a cold treeless region


Who are the nenets?

The nenets are the indiginious people who live in the

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Reindeer blood is a bit salty and has loads of lumps in it

Reindeer meat tastes warm,subtle and quite bloody

  • Raw Reindeer meat
  • Reindeer blood

There are a few things that the nentes eat that may sound weird

  • Fish
  • Bread and jam
  • Tea
  • Rice
  • Reindeer curry

The nenets eats few differnt thing that include:

the nenets food

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The nenets use fishing nets to catch their fish but when untangling it they use there bare hands

Nenets way of life

The Nenets rule is that children has to attend boarding school until the age of 16 and during the holidays they can help their family with reindeer herding.

The Nenets children

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If a reindeer has a loose antler the Nenets have to cut off. Underneath the snow there can be some nutrious lichen for the Reindeers. Sometimes the Reindeers get mixed up with the main herd so the nenets remeber the reindeers' faces.

Did you know that the reindeers are essential to the nenets. The reindeers provide food, clothes and also profits.

The Reindeers

There are around 2,000 reindeers in the semi domestic herd and the main herd is around 7,000 reindeers. The nenets send more or less 1,000 reindeers to the slaughter house. Only half of the semi domestic herd get to migrate to the migration place. The average time for the migration is 5 months

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Nentes clothing

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Where the Nenets live


The nenets wear these type of clothing to keep warm since the temperature is usually -30 to -40 degrees celsuis. it is quite intelligent because the are mits attached to the "jacket" and you could choose either to keep it on or use your own.