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Creating A Call to Action (15 minutes)

Conclusion & Next Steps (5 minutes)

Spotlighting Your Strengths (15 minutes)

Great Openings (15 minutes)

Personalization and AI (10 minutes)

Key Components (10 minutes)

Introduction (5 minutes)


Why does your resume matter?

Closing Paragraph

Company Fit

Body / Alignment with Job

Opening Paragraph

Persuasive & Attention Grabbing

The Golden Thread Think of your cover letter as your personal sales pitch.

Sections of the Cover Letter

Crafting Compelling Content

How can you bring in pieces of your personality or culture add?

How can you connect your experiences to the specific qualifications for the position?

How can you bring your personal interests or knowledge of the company into your letter?

Personal Connection


Customization is Key

Stand Out

  • Add a personal touch or anecdote
  • Inject Personality


  • Job Description Analysis
  • Highlight Relevant Skills
  • Company Research

Using AI

20 2


4 Remember: Enhance Not Replace

3 Human Review

2 Check for Errors

1 Edit for Clarity

A Few Quick Tips


Customizing for Success



  • Engage the Hiring Manager
  • Express Enthusiasm
  • Highlight Your Value
  • Personalize
  • Be Concise

Activity #1: Draft Your Opening


As someone who is deeply passionate about creating equity opportunities for small businesses, I've been following Venture Leaders for some time now. Your dedication to operating with a high vision of excellence, centered in equity, and the impact it has on small businesses throughout Colorado aligns perfectly with my own values and aspirations. In turn, it is with great enthusiasm that I am applying for the position of Chief of Staff.

Why does your resume matter?


  • Be Specific
  • Match the Job Description
  • Tell a Story
  • Focus on Value
  • Highlight Transferable Skills

Activity #2: Draft Your Body


In my previous roles, I have consistently demonstrated a track record of outstanding outcomes, all of which I believe make me an ideal fit for the Chief of Staff position at Venture Leaders.Strategic Leadership:As the Chief of Staff at Prospect Ventures, I led a cross-functional team of 8 professionals in developing and executing a comprehensive market expansion strategy. Through meticulous market research and analysis, we identified new growth opportunities that resulted in a 41% ncrease in market share within 2 years. This strategic initiative required innovative thinking, resource allocation, and a well-coordinated effort, all of which contributed to our success.Compelling Communication:Effective communication is at the core of any successful project. In my role as Director of Engagement at Maritime, I was responsible for driving internal alignment and stakeholder engagement for a high-impact project. Leveraging my expertise in persuasive communication, I developed and delivered compelling presentations to C-suite executives and board members, resulting in unanimous approval for a $1.2 million project budget. Furthermore, I initiated a monthly newsletter that increased cross-team collaboration by 31% and provided regular updates to key stakeholders, enhancing transparency and trust.Managing Significant Budgets:I take pride in my ability to manage substantial budgets efficiently and responsibly. At Prospect Ventures, I oversaw an annual budget of $8 million dollars annually, optimizing resource allocation to achieve an 12% cost reduction while maintaining service quality. My commitment to fiscal responsibility led to a surplus of $380,000 at the end of the fiscal year, which was subsequently reinvested in strategic initiatives.

Why does your resume matter?


  • Summarize
  • Demonstrate Confidence
  • Express Gratitude
  • Make a Call to Action

Activity #3: Draft Your Closing


I am genuinely excited about the opportunity to join Venture Leadership and bring my skills in strategic leadership, compelling communication, and budget management to the forefront. With a proven track record of achieving impactful results, I am confident that my contributions will be instrumental in driving the continued success of your organization.As I look forward to the possibility of becoming a valued member of your team, I am eager to discuss how my experiences align with the goals and vision of Venture Leaders. Let's explore how we can work together to exceed expectations, innovate, and achieve new heights. I welcome the opportunity to further discuss my qualification. Please feel free to contact me at 303-473-6500 or via email at csmith@me.com to schedule a conversation. Thank you for considering my application.Sincerely,Caryn Smith

Why does your resume matter?


Don't Forget!

Proofread, proofread, proofread Keep track of your cover letters in your spreadsheet Always save and send your cover letters as a PDF to maintain your formatting

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