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Kylie Foster

Classroom Garden

Standards and Objectives

  • Standard: 2-LS2-1 Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics
    • Plan and conduct an investigation to determine if plants need sunlight and water to grow.
  • Objective: Students will learn that plants need to be taken care of and have special needs just like humans.

How do plants grow?

  • All plants need space to grow
  • All plants need the right temperature
    • cannot be to hot or cold
  • Plants need water to grow
  • plants need air to breath
    • just like we do!
  • Plants need time to grow
  • Plants need soil/dirt to get food and nuterients
    • Thats right, plants need food just like we do!

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Lets Learn About Photosythesis

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  • Make sure the plants have a LOT of sunlight
  • Water them every day!
  • Make sure they have plenty of soil

How can we take care of plants?

How to take care of our garden!

What are some other things we can do to keep our garden healthy?

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  • We can keep our garden clean
    • No trash!
  • We can put fences up
    • This helps keep the animals out
  • We can pull weeds
    • They take food from our plants
  • We can rake out dead plants
    • They crowd the healthy ones

Let's Review!

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Putting up a fence✓



Throwing trash in it

putting plants close



We can help our garden by _____________ .

Putting up a fence

We can five our plants lots of _____________ to keep them healthy

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