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CalWORKs Employment Services Welfare-to-Work Overview

Course Objectives:

  1. Understanding CalWORKs and Welfare-to-Work: Gain insights into the CalWORKs program and the overarching concept of Welfare-to-Work, including their objectives and significance.
  2. Eligibility Criteria: Explore the eligibility criteria for individuals who can participate in the program, as well as those who may not qualify.
  3. Time Limits: Learn about the time constraints associated with program participation and the importance of adhering to them.
  4. Roles and Responsibilities: Understand the collaborative roles and responsibilities of Eligibility Staff, Welfare-to-Work Case Managers, and Welfare-to-Work Office Assistant Staff in ensuring the success of program participants.
  5. Supportive Services: Delve into the various supportive services offered by Welfare-to-Work, including Transportation, Ancillary, Child Care, and Post-Cash Retention Services, to comprehend how these vital resources aid participants in their journey to self-sufficiency.
  6. Participation Options: Explore the array of activities provided to participants, allowing them to choose opportunities that align with their personal goals and aspirations.
  7. Non-Compliance: Discover the consequences and procedures associated with non-compliance when a participant does not adhere to the Welfare-to-Work program requirements. Understand how non-compliance situations are addressed and resolved.

By the end of this training course, you will possess a comprehensive overview of the Welfare-to-Work program, enabling you to better navigate the services and supports available to our CalWORKs recipient families. This knowledge will empower you to make informed decisions, ultimately contributing to your participant's success in achieving self-sufficiency and sustainable employment.

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