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A: The meeting starts at 2:00. B: Actually, I think the meeting starts at 3:00, not 2:00.

I was going to cancel our hike, but he told me that he actually doesn’t mind the rain.

Stop listening to gossip. I’ll tell you what he actually said.

The interest on a credit card is actually higher than on a line of credit.

Actually, I prefer to travel by train

I shall go anyway

Anyway, why invite somebody you never speak to?

He doesn’t want to go out and anyway he’s not allowed

Anyway, you’re here

Anyway - En cualquier caso / De todas formas

Anyway, why don’t you cook tonight?

Actually - En realidad / De hecho

I guess you haven't eaten yet.'—'As a matter of fact, I have,' said Hunter.

It's not that difficult. As a matter of fact, it's quite easy.

We've had a pretty bad time while you were away. In fact, we very nearly split up this time.

The holiday was really disappointing – a complete disaster, in fact. It just rained all the time.

In fact / As matter of fact - de hecho

My father is a great cook; in fact, he received several proposes to be the head chef in many restaurants

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