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3.1. Objective and date

1.3. Consumer organizations

3. Buy nothing day

2.1. Objective and date

2. World consumer day

1.2. Which consumer rights

4. End

1. Consumer rights

Consumer rights

They include, among others, the right to quality of goods and services, information for consumption, protection and education for consumption, legal participation and ready accessible justice.

Which consumer rights:

Right to representation and consultation

Right to information and education

Right to protection of economic interests

Right to compensation for losses

Consumer organizations:

UGC - General Consumers Union

ACSET - Setúbal Consumers Association

APUSBANC - Portuguese Association of Banking Service Users

DECO - Association for Consumer Protection

ACRA - Consumers Association of the Azores Region

ACOP - Consumers Association of Portugal

World consumer day

March 15th annually marks World Consumer Rights Day.

Buy nothing day

World Buy Nothing Day is celebrated on the last Saturday of November (therefore, on the 27th of this year) and was created with the aim of encouraging people to reflect on excessive consumerism and rethink new styles lifestyle based on conscious and sustainable consumption.