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Unit 3Lesson 3

Human Geography

  1. Chromebook
  2. Notebook
  3. Something to write with

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  • Attendance
  • Bible Verse
  • Prayer
  • Population Growth
  • Malthusian Theory
  • Reading a Population Pyramid
  • Step 2 of Project


Today is:

Colossians 4:2

Educatingtomorrow's leaders for Christ

World Geography

Make sure your notebook has the required items on it so you are ready to take note's during today's class!

World GeographyNotebook

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to write some notes!

There has been a 99.9% increase since 1860 in population.

Study the graph and pay attention to the percentage in which the population in the United States increases each 40 years. What factors do you believe contribute to Earth’s constantly rising population? Birth Rate: Death Rate: Doubling Time:










Note: Population data was collected as early as 1610. However, 1860 was the first year that Native Americans were counted in the census data.

Population Factors

Culture and Population Patterns

Based on your understanding, do you think Malthus was right? Why or why not?

Most of society, eager to make advancements for land production, food, and employment moved to cities and began working in factories during this time and it sparked the Industrial Revolution from 1760-1840. New farming equipment was formed, medicine and health care improved, scientific understanding and vaccines were underway, and the population continued to grow faster than ever.

Malthus (born in 1766) believed that the population was growing too fast. He calculated that there would not be enough food to feed the population. He believed that only war, famine, and disease would result over resource shortages. He published his findings and calculations in 1798.

British Philosopher and Economist

Thomas Malthus

Malthusian Theory

Population Factors

Culture and Population Patterns

3 migrant(s)/1,000 population into the USA

Current Population Growth Rate: 0.72%

Median Age of Females: 39.8 yearsLife Expectancy: 82.5 yearsAnalyzing: Which age group has the most females?

Median Age of Males: 37.2 yearsLife Expectancy: 78 yearsAnalyzing: About how many males are in the 10-14 age group?

Population Factors

Culture and Population Patterns

  1. Make a copy of the Exchange Letter template!
    1. How to make a copy:
      1. Once you click into the Google Doc you click "File" on the top left corner
      2. Next, you scroll 4 options down and click "Make a Copy"
      3. Now, you title your letter! You will use your First and Last Name in your title. (It will look like Jane Doe Exchange Letter: 2021 ) Make sure to get rid of the "Copy of"

Quick Tips on How to Get Started with your Letter!

  1. Now that you know how to make a copy of the letter...
  2. Begin your letter! Keep the template the same and start your letter where it says insert text here.
  3. Make sure your paragraphs are at least 5-7 sentences!
  4. The last sentence in your first paragraph should be your thesis statement. This is where you are going to tell Jojo what you are writing to him about!
  5. Lastly, have fun with it and truly share all the things that make up YOUR culture!

Quick Tips on How to Get Started with your Letter!

1. Is your letter 600 words? Are there 5-7 sentences per paragraph?2. Is your letter engaging? 3. Have you checked your grammar to make sure that it is free of errors? No squiggly lines under any words or phrases?4. Have you checked your spelling to make sure that it is free of errors?No squiggly lines under any words?5. Have you reworded everything into your own words to prevent plagiarism? 6. Did your letter have a nice flow (beginning introduction that was greeting your audience, body paragraphs, and a friendly closing)? If you said yes to all six of these points, you are prepared. This letter and the Flipgrid video will form your project test grade.

Guidelines for Your Letter to Jo-Jo

Culture Project: Step 3 of 4