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text based approach

1. How many friends do you have?2. How many of them are close friends?3. Do you think it is possible to have many close friends?

Leading stage


Do you think that the following statements are true (T) or false (F)? 1. People who have more friends usually earn more money. 2. Most people have about 150 friends. 3. The average number of online friends on Facebook is 700. 4. Most people only have one or two close friends.

Read the comments below from a website. Then discuss which opinions you agree or disagree with. A. I would never accept an online 'friend' who I didn't already know. How can vou be friends with someone you've never met? Sylwia, UK B. I'm reading this at work - it's my lunchbreak - and I wanted to comment about the fact that most companies won't let you go on Facebook while you're at work, even in your own time. I don't think it's fair because this is the main way I communicate with my friends Jon, UK C. I think people who have hundreds of friends online must just be really self-obsessed and looking for attention. Rui, Portugal

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