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Strategic Alliences

It's possible that you may need to contact your prospects personally or find them in face-to-face situations. Let's explore different alternatives.


Trade shows and exhibitions

Seminaries and conferences

Organice your own events

The Opening Move

  • Attend events, seminars, and conferences related to your industry.
  • Participate actively in the sessions and workshops.
  • Networking: Get to know other attendees and share your knowledge.
  • Try to get an overall idea of who is going to attend beforehand. Use Linkedin for example.
  • Attend trade fairs and exhibitions related to your industry or niche market.
  • Set up a booth or exhibition table to showcase your products or services.
  • Engage with attendees, gather contact information, and build relationships.
  • Always remember to have your business cards ready to hand out to anyone who might be a potential contact.
  • Collaborate with other companies or professionals on joint events.
  • Share contacts and resources to expand your prospect base. Always being compliant with data protection.
  • Organize online events, workshops, or seminars related to your industry.
  • Promote these events through your network and social media platforms.
  • Collect registration information and follow up with attendees.