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How is it going to work?




lesson structure

SKILLS: speaking, listening, reading and writing . We'll focus on acquiring the necessary skills for the official B1 exam.

MATERIALS: student's book, workbook, personal notebook, online materials...Bring your phone.

We will work on the skills during the class, taking short breaks around games to relax and be able to focus again

Different groupings will be made. You are going to work individually, in pairs, in groups, etc.

Independent work is essential. You must work at home to really improve.

Feedback will be given to you at the end of the lesson, but you can also give feedback to the teacher.

classroom rules

You must arrive to class on time!

You must only use English in class.

We will have fluent conversations but don't interrupt!

Bring your homework to class every day.

DON'T eat in class, draw on the tables or on the walls, hit another classmate, insult another classmate... Basically, behave properly!

Bring all your books and a notebook.

Follow the rules so the lesson can flow at a good pace and you end up learning more at the end of each class

Don't be afraid of participating in class. It's the best moment you have to speak in English in real life.

You can help to create an interesting and fun lesson. Feel free to share your thoughts!


  • Unit exams. At the end of each unit. They only include vocabulary and grammar and are quite easy. Their objective is to consolidate what you've learnt in that unit, so they are different from your high-school exams.
  • Homework. You'll be given homework twice a week. The first one will be easier and the second one a bit more difficult. It'll help you to practice the concepts we studied over the weekend, so they are easier to learn.
  • Mock exams. You'll be assessed in the different English skills to check your current level in each. They are similar to the official Cambridge B1 exams and are used to check if you are ready to take the official exam or not. Mainly, they focus on the listening and reading skills and they take a complete lesson.


All of these forms to evaluate your English level help the teacher to adapt her classes and to know your progress.