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Being who you are to enhance your team.

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Course: You on a Team



Objectives:1.1: Identify personal strengths and weaknesses as they relate to the soft skills related to teamwork. 1.2: Articulate 2 SMART goals that reflect 1 strength and 1 weakness you will improve.

Objectives:2.1: Analyze progress towards the development of the teamwork soft skills.

Objectives:3.1: Evaluate how to continue to grow and achieve our goals.

This course guides students to question their role in collaborative settings, defining what teamwork means, what it feels like, and what it looks like; identifying areas for self-improvement and growth. The focus is on personal development, communication skills, and conflict-resolution.

Teamwork: An Open Access Practical Guide (ebook) Teamwork: An Open Access Practical Guide, by Clark et al., from UTA Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License *Click on the ebook title for access to the resource.

Attendance Policy: This is a self-paced course that needs to be completed within one calendar year. Communication Protocols: To demonstrate an increase in participation in a collaborative setting and maintaining accountability for self-improvement, you should be participating in PDs within the department and the on-going discussions throughout this course. Participation is monitored and your increased participation could be rewarded with EPIC recognition. Academic Policies and Procedures: This PD can be completed during working hours and is meant to be integrated into your daily work. You can complete the PD off-hours, however the goals of the PD are meant to allow you to immediately implement skills learned and reflect on your collaborative experiences to continue to build upon your skill set. This PD is directly related to job performance. Autonomy and Self-Motivation: This course requires a high level of autonomy and self-motivation. You will need to challenge yourself to step your of your comfort zone and not only implement skills learned, but also actively observe and model behaviors you see in exemplary team members. Your success is based on you level of determination. Technology Requirements: Your work computer meets the requirements and allows for access to all content once you have logged in. If you would like to work on the PD off-hours, you will need: a USB headset, a computer with an updated operating system and internet browser, basic computer audio/video equipment, DSL Internet connection or a connection speed no less than 7 MB/s. You can complete several tasks within the course, however you will be unable to access the videos or Trello board, unless you have logged into your work account. Instructional Technology Tools: As an employee of the Curriculum Services Department, you have access to all of the content through the Learning Center and Course PD. Please bookmark the following tools: Learning Center, EPIC award recognition form, PD offering site, PD recorded videos, and the Course Trello board.