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A very inmportant part of the book is the problem of the protaconist with addictions.As a kid, in the orphanage, she took tranquilizers to help her sleep, and then, when she became older, Beth became an alcoholic, at the point where she lost a tournament becouse she were drunkThis addictions were a big issue for Beth and almost ruined her entire career, luckly tanks to her friends and her determination, she went through that and reached her goal



Chess tournaments are 50% of the story , Beth started playing in official tournaments when se was 12, and they were the only form of income of her and her adoptive mother when her adoptive father got arrested.She often skipped school for playing them and she won almost every tournamend she played in.For beth they were more than a work or a passion, they were the purpose of her life

The perfect checkmate

Beth had beated almost every player she faced in her career, except the russian champion Vasyil Borgov. He beated her the first three times he played against her without saying a single word. In the final game of the word championship in russia he was Beth's opponent and she had the most hard game of her life.The game lasted 5 hours and they both played until the last move, when he got checkmated he gave her king to her and smiled, shaking hands with Beth Harmon, the new world champion

the lack of parents

The most problematic part of Beth's life was the fact that she lost almost every peaple close to her, she became an orphan at a very young age becouse of a car crash, when she got putted in an orphanage she had only one friend (a girl named Jolene) and the closest thing to a father she ever had was the janitor who teached her the game of Chess, but she lost both when she got adopted. Her adopted parents didn't care much about Her. The relationship with her new mother started only when her adoptive father got arrested, and when she started to feel close to the mother she never had she suddently died form a disease.This lack of affection made Her focus just her career in chess and made Her become the best

Opponents and friends

Beth had always a weird approach with peaple in general, during her life she never talked to anyone if she wasn't forced to, and after her adoptive mother died she was totally alone, she tried to talk to some of her opponents and she became friend with a player that beated her in a final, onother young very player named Berry.He was the only person close to her until the end of her career and helped her winning the world championship

A little genius

Beth have always been the best at school and she always had perfect grades, but her was more than just a really good student, she was a genius.She was capable of playng chess alone even without a chessborad, just by picturing the pieces in her mind, and that made her learn much faster and at the age of 10 she was capable of beating almost every opponent she played with.

The story of Elizabeth Harmon, Beth for friends, a young american girl who became orphan at the age of 4. She learnet to play chess in a basement of an orphanage with the janitor, playing a few minutes a day. She became so good at this game that she started to play tournaments and based her entire life on becoming a professional chess player and playing tournaments with the final goal of becoming a grandmaster and international champion

The queen's gambit