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By Iene and Adelina

Sexism in America in the 1930

In the 1930s in America there were a lot of forms of discrimination: One of them was sexism. Women were not seen as equal to men: They had fewer rights than men, were paid less and most of them were only allowed to do domestic chores

Before the great depresion

Anyways, in the great depression in America even though sexism was very pressent women got a lot more independent. Women started to have jobs and get paid (even though much less than men) for it.

At the great depression

Despite all of that internaliced discimination women could vote. In 1919, gratefull for the women's help during the war the goberment gave them the right to vote. Even though that was a great advance it didn't mean a lot. If every politian is sexist and most of the population too. Being able to vote wasn't that much. of a great thing.