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Luisa Genovese

William Shakespeare

Mary Arden - John Shakespeare

His father's work

William's school




  • William married Anne Hathaway.
  • They had three children: Susanna and twins Hamnet and Judith.
  • Around 1590 William went to London.
  • He was a master of the English language and an amazing storyteller.
  • He wrote 38 plays and over 150 poems.
  • Three kinds of plays: tragedies, comedies and histories.
  • His theatre was called "The Globe".
  • The Lord Chamberlain's Men.
  • He acted in his own plays.
  • In 1623 First Folio was published.

The Tempest

  • It's the last play written by Shakespeare
  • It was composed between November 1611 and 1612.
  • It's a romantic comedy.
  • It's set on an unnamed Mediterranean island.
  • It's divided into five acts.
  • Ariel → Spirit/slave
  • Caliban → Slave
  • Gonzalo → Nobleman
  • Trinculo → The king's jester
  • Stephano → The king's steward
  • Alonso → The King of Milan
  • Ferdinand → The king's son
  • Sebastian → The king's brother
  • Prospero → Duke of Milan
  • Miranda → Prospero's daughter
  • Antonio → Prospero's brother
  1. Prospero is betrayed by Antonio.
  2. Prospero and Miranda go into exile on a magical island which they made their home.
  3. Caliban and Ariel appear.
  4. Alonso, Ferdinand, Sebastian and Antonio are on a ship sailing near to the island.
  5. Prospero uses magic to create a sea storm.
  6. Everyone arrives on the island.
  7. Miranda and Ferdinand see each other and fall in love.

And now...what happens?

  • Ariel uses a magical song, to put everyone to sleep.
  • Caliban, Trinculo and Stephan meet.
  • Prospero forgives the individual sins that everyone has committed against him.
  • The ship is ready to sail back to Italy.
  • Prospero doesn't want to be a magician anymore.
  • Prospero turns to the audience and asks them to applaud him.

And now...what happens?