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subject pronouns

common mistakes

present simple


llive + in

school subjects

words spelling

I'm Maria I am Maria (lettera maiuscola per la prima persona singolare)

I am - I am not I have - I have not don't/doesn't play

I'm twelve years (NOT ears) old I'm twelve She's thirteen NOT I have twelve years

I live in Cesenatico

Maths English Italian iniziale maiuscola

colour (BE)/color (AME) favourite/favorite

play -do (sports)

common mistakes

a - one

date of birth


like - love + -ing


I play basketball (non basket), football I do karate, judo, taekwondo MA ANCHE I play the piano, the guitar

I have got a sister, a cat

I was born on the 14th September I was born in June, in 2011

I play tennis three times a week once a week twice a week 3+ ...times

I like reading I love drawing

twelve 12 twenty 20