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Who's here?

How are you today?

Get to know me, a quiz about me!!

Georgina Alice Cameron

Georgina Alice Cameron

Where am I from?

What are my hobbies?

My favourite TV programme is...

The office!!!!

My favourite animal is...

How old am I?

2 truths & 1 lie

  • I had a pet goat
  • I lived in Granada
  • I speak 3 languages

G-Giraffes, she likes themE-Eggs, she likes them scrambledO-Octopus she´s scared of themR-Ridiculous when she dancesG-Good at sleepingE-Eats broccoli everyday

Cross stick poem

1-has the same number of siblings as you2-walked to English class today3-has pets4-was born in Spain5-speaks Galician6-has been to London7-plays an instrument8-likes mushrooms

Find someone who...

Classroom rules


It´s my first time in GaliciaI like walks, films and fun activities

In pairs, make a plan of what I should do for my first weekend in Galicia. Think about what I like doing... present your plan to the class


Choose the game


Board game

Solve the mystery

Cafe game

It´s a mystery

You were invited to stay at Mr. Grim's large mansion for the weekend. Many other guests were invited too. It is now Saturday at 9 pm. Suddenly, the butler, Barton, announces that Mr.Grim is dead. You are all suspects!

Interview eachother to find out information:Why were they invited to the party?What was their relationship with Mr.Grim?Where were they at 8:00 and 8:30?

Mr. Grim X

  1. Wally
  2. Dr. Watkins
  3. Morgan Franklin
  4. Randy
  5. Todd Grim - son
  6. Mercedes Grim - daughter
  7. Takeshi Fujimoto
  8. Wanda Grim - wife
  9. Crabby Kuramoto
  10. Badger
  11. Kelly Kikukoko

Louie & Rafaela

I love raccoons

Write 2 truths & 1 lie