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Nucleous:It stores genetic information of the cell, it is like a brain of the cell handling the genetic information.Cell Type:Eukaryotic organisms, ​including plants and animals Functions: Stores genetic information.

Mitochondria: The mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell, It is similar to a powerplant because they transform other materials to make energyCell Type:Eukaryotic organisms, ​including plants and animals Functions: Stores water, nutrients, and waste.

RibosomeThey synthezise protein into rRNA, similar to a factory that produces amnio acids with protiens. Cell Type:Eukaryotic, both plant and animal organims as well as prokayrotic organismsFunctions: Turns proteins into rRNA

Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum:The smooth endoplasmic reticulum functions in many metabolic processes. An analogy would be a waiter bringing your food out in a resturantCell Type: Eukaryotic, both plant and animal organims.Functions: Synthesizes lipids, phospholipids as in membranes, and steroids.

Golgi Apparatus:The Golgi Apparatus is like a post office that delivers and packages things.Cell Type:Eukaryotic, both plant and animal organims.Functions: Packages protiens into membrane-bound vesicles before they are sent to their destination

Functions: The cytoplasm is responsible for holding the components of the cell and protects them from damage.

Cell Type:Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells

Cytoplasm: The cytoplasm holds cell parts in place. The cytoplasm is like nails or glue because it holds things together.

Cell Membrane:The cell membrane is like a screen door, because a screen door holds things out but lets air in.Cell Type:Eukaryotic, both plant and animal cells and Prokaryotic Cells Functions: Packages protiens into membrane-bound vesicles before they are sent to their destination

Nucleus:Controls the cell like a brain.Cell Type:Eukaryotic, both plant and animal organims.Functions: By housing the cell's genome, the nucleus serves both as the repository of genetic information and as the cell's control center.

Vacuole:The vacuole is like a cupboard because you store things in it.Cell Type:Eukaryotic and some Prokaryotic cellsFunctions: The main vacuole function is to store substances, typically either waste or harmful substances, or useful substances the cell will need later on

Lysosomes:Lysosomes are like garbage cans or garbage disposals because materials are put and broken down in them.Cell Type:Eukaryotic, but only animal cellsFunctions: Lysosomes function as the digestive system of the cell, serving both to degrade material taken up from outside the cell and to digest obsolete components of the cell itself.

Cytoskeleton:The cytoskeleton is like the beams of a house because they help the house hold it's shape.Cell Type:Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic cellsFunctions: The cytoskeleton is a structure that helps cells maintain their shape and internal organization, and it also provides mechanical support that enables cells to carry out essential functions like division and movement.

Cell Wall:The cell wall is like an outer wall along a castleCell Type:Eukaryotic, specifically plant cells and Prokaryotic cellsFunctions: A cell wall is defined as a rigid, external layer that is specifically designed to provide structural support and rigidity.

Chloroplast: A chloroplast is like a solar panel because it uses the sun's energy for other things.Cell Type:Eukaryotic, specifically plant cells.Functions: Chloroplasts produce energy through photosynthesis and releases oxygen, which sustain plant growths

Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum: Also like a factory, where protiens are synthesized that need to be exported.Cell Type:Eukaryotic cells.Functions: It synthesizes and secretes proteins in the liver, hormones and other substances in the glands.

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