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Magical T1 Pet Parent Challenge

According to the cans/cannots, what should a T1 advisor do if a pet parent wants to place a prescription medication order?

question 1/5

"Direct to e-comm, or if they say nay,To T2 we'll transfer, to show them the way."

Transfer to T2

Place the Order

Well done!

"Enchant the pet parent to craft their own order on the clinic's mystical portal, or let Vetsource brew and transfer to Tier 2! Empower and diminish Tier 2 traffic, while conjuring first-call resolution, as is our enchanted way!"


According to the cans/cannots, what is the proper protocol for when a pet parent calls to state that their pet has passed away?

question 2/5

In Salesforce, a case you'll send, For Tier 2, mark the pet as deceased

Deactivate their account in VBoss

"Swift refund, with care and grace, Extend condolences in this space."

Well done!

"By incantation, erase all virtual painful traces of their departed companion. Summon a Salesforce case to request a refund, and bid the pet's profile find tranquil repose. In this somber hour, we offer solace, if not solace, in their sorrow."


A pet parent calls stating they need to update their pet’s weight and place an order for Frontline. How would you handle this request?

question 3/5

"By magic's grace, the pet parent seeks non-Rx goods and a weight update. 1. Guide them to the enchanted e-comm realm for both. 2. Should they resist, conjure a T2 consultation for weight , then standby to reclaim the call to complete the OTC Frontline order."

Advise them to confer and summon their Vet to update the pet's information!

Send to Tier 2 for weight, with magic's decree, They'll help, and set the update free."

Well done!

"Guide them in crafting their potion and updating their pet's profile on e-commerce. If they hesitate, consult with T2 for the weight update, then assist in placing the order. You have the power to complete the request"


Which order statuses allow T1 advisors to definitely cancel in VBoss?

question 4/5

In fullfillment

Complete, payment failure

Awaiting Approval, Payment Failure

Well done!

Remember you can always check the Can/Cannot Matrix to see, which statuses you can cancel with Ease!


If your Internet goes down, how long do you have to enact your back up plan to continue working for the day?

question 5/5

30 minutes, and not a minute more, clocking out you must and quickly find a new power scource

In 90 minutes, if not back to work, PTO will cover, no need to shirk. Clock out for now, the spell's in play, Return in time, don't let it sway."

24 hours. All the calls will have to wait. You are late

Well done!

"With the Time and Attendance document. Follow its guidance, you'll not go astray, In punctuality's light, you'll find your way."




"Enjoy your newfound knowledge, take delight as you grow stronger, shining bright!"

Oh, no you drew the Fool card! Try again!